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Reimagine, Rethink and Transform Technology 

Catalyse your organization's digital transformation! We are nextdatum!!

– Our Story –

Nextdatum was founded with a clear sense of purpose. We strive to bring the next phase of data analytics, digital solutions to our customers. Leveraging the latest technological advancements in Cloud and analytics (think of AI, Machine learning, blockchain and Data science) and provide solutions to our clients for maximum efficiency.

About us

Think of us as partners in your success.

Nextdatum is a consulting services company providing quality services to clients all over the world, from our offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Hyderabad, India. Leveraging leading technologies and our own business experiences, we design professional solutions that seamlessly adapt to any process, technology, relationship, or resource platform.

Our Core Areas

We take pride in our ability to identify customers’ strategic problems, and our capability to address their problems with our wide range of techniques and expertise to appropriately address their questions


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